Cuba Supported at UN in Resolution Opposing the US Embargo

By Circles Robinson

Voting results on the Cuban resolution asking the US to drop its embargo on the island. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – Every year since 1992 Cuba has presented a resolution to the UN General Assembly calling on the United States to end its half-century-plus embargo on the island. Today was this year’s vote and the final tally was 191 countries supporting the Cuban motion and 2 (the US and Israel) opposing.

The resolution is non-binding and the US has totally ignored it maintaining it has the sovereign right to determine its own policy regarding Cuba.

US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, belittled the vote calling it “political theater”.

Last year, the vote was without opposition as the US and its tag-along, Israel, abstained due to the policy of rapprochement put in place by Barrack Obama, who was unable to end the embargo because it can only take place by a vote of Congress.

According to Cuba “the embargo constitutes the greatest obstacle to the economic and social , development of the country.”  Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said it not only affects Cuba’s normal economic and trade relations with the United States “but also with the rest of the world”.

After an easing of tensions under Obama, today’s vote comes when relations are quickly deteriorating as the US blames Cuba for illnesses suffered over the last year by its diplomatic personnel in Havana.

The US embassy, now with a skeleton staff, has cut back most of its services and Cubans are advised to go in person to Bogota, Colombia to request an immigrant or non-immigrant visa to travel to the United States.

Likewise, 15 officers at the Cuban embassy in Washington were ejected from the country.

In an effort to deal a blow to Cuba’s tourism industry, the Trump administration has also warned US citizens not to travel to the Island claiming their health may be in danger.

9 thoughts on “Cuba Supported at UN in Resolution Opposing the US Embargo

  • First of all, I have no idea what Cubans you are in contact with but in my reality, Cubans do not “love” the Castros. There is a unconscious respect for Fidel because of their upbringing but Raul is the butt of gay jokes and racist eye gestures . There is nothing close to love for this doddling despot. Secondly, while there exists a robust debate regarding economic fairness in the world, this is not the forum to belabor that issue. Finally, sanctions against the US has never been included in the annual anti-embargo resolution so your assertion about UN fairness is unproven.

  • Brother Moses, Up to now you cannot get it clearly that the Cuban people love the Castro’s who left their privileged life to fight for their cause, making them feel like the human beings they were created to be. The USA always touts Democracy, but 191 against 2 in the UN, is more than an exercise in REAL Democracy. Everyone observed the Arrogance displayed by the USA representative at the UN when she declared that the Organization does not rule the USA; but the same USA can use it to impose sanctions on all kind of countries?

    Love so, doesn’t have so. Nobody can condemn the Big Bully. He does what he wants and when he likes. “He is monarch of all he surveys, his right there is none to dispute!” What a world of arrogance we live in? The rich and powerful can hide their monies all over the globe while the small man has to pay his full share of taxes; the mighty and powerful nations can ignore the majority votes in the World’s Body, but the smaller member nations can be subjected to sanctions at the whims and fancies of those same big bullies! Is the UN still relevant today?


  • He didn’t lose either. Did the UN vote make the front page of any newspaper in the world outside of Cuba? Probably not.

  • As long as a Castro is in charge, the priority of the Cuban government will be to remain in charge. Economic development is not at the top of the list.

  • These victories, unmasking the cruel and suffocating embargo has being going on for decades. Cuba needs far more than embarrassing the United States, earning the world solidarity and shaming anyone supporting this criminal act.

    Cuba must do its part! Many countries and high ranking officials travel to Cuba every year interested in being part of the country development and nothing happens after the photo-op and beautiful Press releases.

    The United States under president Donald Trump is undergoing its worst moral, social and political crisis in decades. Why is our nation worried about what Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, Ben Carson or Kellyanne Conway or anyone else has to say?

    Cuba must engage every willing soul to jointly develop its vastly wasted agriculture, biomedical, pharmaceutical, fishing, telecommunication, transportation, small business, hospitality and more, with or without the United States. No time to complain. Work, development and the happiness of the people is the only thing that matters.

  • Yet again the USA tries to desperately scramble up to some moral high ground.
    On this specific issue the whole wide world (outside of boot lickin Israel) can see that the USA is in a moral sewer.

  • Trump wins again, not.

  • What happened to Palau, they must be underwater do to Global Warming.,

  • Israel is nothing but a bootlicker to the U.S.

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