Cuba Tells US to Cut Honduras Aid

HAVANA TIMES, July 19 – Cuba renewed its call on Sunday for the Obama administration to “stop supporting” the de facto government in Honduras noting the tacit military support being giving the coup.

Speaking in Managua at a rally for the 30th anniversary of the overthrow of dictator Anastasio Somoza, Cuban VP Esteban Lazo said the US “should remove the staff” from its military bases in Honduras, reported AFP.

Obama has publicly called for the restitution of the constitutional president Manuel Zelaya, deposed in a military coup on June 28, with unanimous repudiation around the globe.  However, at the same time, Cuban leaders have pointed out that the continued US military presence in Honduras says a lot in itself about the coup.

One thought on “Cuba Tells US to Cut Honduras Aid

  • Now this is a request which in reality should not have had to been made. Unless if course this was done with full support of the current Adm an dCIA. Once again this is an example of Ms Pantsuit and Mr Silver tongue speaking out of both side of thier mouths. However, Dick Cheney is alleged to have had a secret group which is alleged to have sent mercenaries et/al all over the world to murder at random (ie Benazir Bhutto)? So this could well be what has transpired, without the Obama adm knowing anything. I hope iot is the latter its anyones guess

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