Cuba to Allow Return of Illegal Emigrants


HAVANA TIMES — Cuba will allow the return of emigrants who left the country illegally since 1994 after waiting a period of eight years, according to a new aspect of immigration reform announced today, reported DPA news.

This measure benefits emigrants who left after the immigration agreement signed with the United States in 1994, after the rafter crisis, said Homero Acosta, secretary of the Council of State, in a special television program.

Similarly, athletes and doctors who deserted Cuban missions abroad after 1990 can return to the island, after a same  eight year period, added Acosta.

Those who fled via the Guantanamo naval base cannot benefit from the measure for “reasons of national security and defense,” explained the official.

“The first step we can announce at this time is that it normalizes the temporary entry of those who emigrated illegally after the 1994 migration accords,” said Acosta.

“In the same situation are health professionals and elite athletes who left missions abroad or illegally left the country after 1990, and equally, if more than eight years has passed” he added.

However Acosta noted that thus far these illegal emigrants will be able to visit the island but will not be able to stay indefinitely in Cuba.

On October 16, the Cuban government announced historic immigration reforms that relax foreign travel for its citizens living on the  island after decades of restrictions. This was done through the elimination of the previously required exit visa for travel abroad.

However, the measure includes restrictions aimed at stemming any “brain drain” of certain professionals, including doctors. It is thought that the limitations will also extend to political dissidents.


5 thoughts on “Cuba to Allow Return of Illegal Emigrants

  • Good excellente Now this is what i spoke of On Cubas Terms! not amerikkas

  • Para mí son sólo limosnas, nadie tiene el derecho de decidir cuándo puedo entrar o no a mi país, o si puedo o no permanecer en él. Ni mucho menos despojarme de mis “derechos” como ciudadano. Estoy casi seguro que detrás de esa aparente bondad, se esconden otros intereses como entrada de dólares que tanto ambicionan “nuestros” dirigentes.

  • It didn’t hurt “the powers that be”, but I detect a large howl from US propagandists. Sounds like “Damn, we are down to only free press and democratic elections subjects we can propagandize on.”

  • I so wish I could say to the powers that be…¨now that didn´t hurt so bad, did it?¨ We can only hope someone is thinking about a free press and democratic elections at some point too.

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