Cuba to Create an Institute to Keep Fidel’s Ideas Alive

Fidel Castro at the last Congress of the Cuban Communist Party in April, 2016. Photo: Omer Garcia Medereos / ACN


HAVANA TIMES – Cuba will create an institution to preserve the thinking and political work of Fidel Castro, reported dpa news on Tuesday.

“It is about perpetuating and gathering in one institution the valuable information accumulated over the years about the activities that the Commander in Chief developed during his active life,” the official newspaper “Granma” newspaper published.

To start the ball rolling, Cuban president Raul Castro ordered his subordinates to convene a working group to plan the project involving some 30 specialists. He assigned the task of overseeing the effort to the current first vice-president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, who is foreseen as Raul’s successor in the presidency.

During the initial meeting of the working group, Diaz-Canel stressed that the life and thought of Fidel Castro “are part of the historical memory of the nation.”

The local press offered images of the meeting chaired by Raul Castro, who has already announced that he will not accept another term in office, stepping down in April.

Fidel Castro died at the end of 2016 and after his death it was announced that he had previously asked that statues of him not be erected and that his name not be used for public spaces such as streets or schools, with the aim of avoiding a personality cult.

His last will was converted into law by the Cuban Parliament, which, on the other hand, authorized the creation of an institution to preserve the documentary heritage around his figure.

At the beginning of February, the Sierra Maestra Science, Technology and Innovation Entity was created, which will integrate all the experimental projects to improve agricultural production, one of Fidel’s great passions in the last years of its life after retiring from power in 2006.

6 thoughts on “Cuba to Create an Institute to Keep Fidel’s Ideas Alive

  • Read the Havana Times article on the coming March 11, 2018 election. I believe that in the last election there were, at least, three candidates nominated that were not members.

  • The man is dead and gone, and yet he is not gone at all is he? His voice and words live on even in death When is Cuba and the Cuban people going to embrace the 21st century and look after the entire Cuban people and not only the party members?

  • Yo soy Fidel.
    Hasta Siempre La Victoria!

  • I’m glad yours is the first comment. I truly believe history will NOT absolve this tyrant. When freedom comes to Cuba and a South African-style Truth Commission is established to tell the whole story regarding the terror Fidel wrought on the Cuban people, free health care and education will not be enough to outweigh the damage his dictatorship has done to generations of the Cuban people.

  • YIKES!

  • It should more like a museum for his victims of oppression how one man can bring down a dictator only to lie and become another one. To the families like mine that have been broken by his policies and separated. One day if they built that place and in the future either it will burn down or it will tell the truth about the revolution.

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