Cuba to Host Russian PM Next Week

HAVANA TIMES — Russian Prime Minister, Dmitri Medvedev, will visit Cuba on Feb. 21-22 and meet with President Raul Castro. The PM will also visit Brazil the day before arriving in Havana, reports DPA news.

The talks in Brazil with President Dilma Rousseff will center on areas including commerce, investments, science and energy. Russia and Brazil are two of the world’s emerging economies.

Russian trade and cooperation with Cuba has been on the rebound in recent years including in the nickel and tourist industries.

2 thoughts on “Cuba to Host Russian PM Next Week

  • Medvedev is 47 years old. I don’t think he feels responsible for any advise given by anyone who died long time ago.

  • Have you ever had a friend who asked you for advice or maybe driving directions and what you told them ended up being completely wrong? Even if when you told them it was with the best of intentions. When you see them afterwards, don’t you feel really bad? I wonder if when Russian leaders visit Cuba if they feel that way?

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