Cuba to Vaccinate against Winter Flu

Winter day last year in Havana.  Photo: Caridad
Winter day last year in Havana. Photo: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, Nov. 2 – Cuba’s health authorities will administer 900,000 doses of the vaccine against the winter flu virus starting next November 9, reported IPS.

The medicine, which does not protect against the A H1N1 influenza, will be administered to persons over 75 and others suffering from diabetes, kidney failure and asthma.

Vaccines against swine flu are forthcoming from the World Health Organization, announced its director Margaret Chan on her trip last week to Cuba.

2 thoughts on “Cuba to Vaccinate against Winter Flu

  • thankfully not that one, janine!
    many american doctors have refused to have the vaccine because of thier serious concerns about it´s effectiveness as well as it´s safety. to me it´s another distractive move to deviate the public eye from what´s happening in africa, the middle east, latin america and also the first world. politics need a comun enemy to be at war with. after the cold war, the enemy was drug trafficling (panama´s invasion), then terrorism, mass destruction weapons, and voila,… h1n1 mixed with all the other excuses: north korea & iran -nuclear weapons-, venezuela & cuba -sponsoring terrorism-, bolivia -not doing enough against drug trafficking-, and so on,… the undeveloped world is their enemy.

  • i hope it’s not donald rumsfeld’s flu vaccine …. many of us in canada are refusing it, preferring instead to boost our natural immune systems and just rest and recover as with any flu. it’s quite possible this flu, and the vaccine, are part of the “weapons of mass distraction,” hyped to create fear and panic so they can do whatever they’re doing. they’ve released a vaccine that contains significant amounts of mercury, formaldehyde, and various animal components. it’s actually making people sick, there are even some deaths, and one report that i saw about a woman who was paralyzed as a result. i’ve survived a very severe flu, it took a month but i’m over it …. and a formerly homeless friend of mine who has hep c and a heart condition has survived the (doctor confirmed) h1n1 flu in only two weeks – without the vaccine. if the swine and bird flus are the result of poor livestock mass production conditions, then the solution is to go vegan – and for many other reasons.

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