Cuba Tops 11,000 Doctors in Brazil

New arrival of 4,000 more Cuban physicians

One of the groups of Cuban doctors arriving in Brazil to work in the "More Doctors" program.
One of the first groups of Cuban doctors arriving in Brazil to work in the “More Doctors” program.  photo:

HAVANA TIMES — A new contingent of 4,000 Cuban doctors is currently arriving in Brazil adding to the 7,400 already working in the “More Doctors” program of President Dilma Rousseff, reported EFE.

Back in January the Brazilian ambassador in Havana had announced his country’s intention to raise the number of Cuban doctors in the program to 11,000.

The newly arrived Cuban physicians are awaited in the Brazilian cities of Sao Paulo, Fortaleza, Porto Alegre, Guaraparí, Gravatá and Brasilia, states a press release from the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

The authorities said that before the Cubans enter the field they will first undergo a three month adaptation course as well as face tests of their medical knowledge and command of the Portuguese language.

The Brazilian health ministry said the number of Cubans in the program will now reach 11,400 of the total 14,900, the balance including just over a thousand Brazilian doctors and those recruited from other countries such as Portugal and Spain.

When the new doctors enter into service, a population of 51 million people will be receiving the benefits of the More Doctors program, the figure is currently 44.8 million, noted EFE.

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  • Given this is HT, I assume you believe that the Castros have decided to remain in power for 55 years “for the public good”. They must believe that there have been no other Cubans capable of leading that country. So at great personal sacrifice, they have remained in charge despite declining health and advancing age. Or, is it remotely possible in that apologist mind of yours that the Beasts of Biran are ego-manical despots whose every move has been to maintain the status quo and remain in power. I do accept your allegation that I believe the two “myths” you point out in your comment. However I disagree with your claim that these are myths. Socialism has NEVER worked. This is fact not a myth. Capitalism is not perfect but, so far, there does not seem to be any other system that works better. Again, this is fact and not a myth. You also seem to confuse ‘ambition’ with ‘greed’. You can not define capitalism by holding out Bush as an example. Not unless you want your socialist utopia defined by Stalin.

  • Oh I meant to ask, other than yourself, who here is really “identified”…John Goodrich?….Moses?…Dan? How is Informed Consent any different? Would you feel better if I changed my moniker to Stephen Ross? Personally I’m fond of Mr. Butterwinkles

  • Walter, you delude yourself. …But firstly, you make quite the assumption that I (I can only speak for myself) hate what is in the public good. It may perhaps help your arguments to insert a straw man into the discussion, but you certainly would be referring to me. Condemning the Marxist state of Cuba and their use of human chattel is hardly “hating the public good”. And your. There is no distorting any facts here. For socialism to work you must trample human motivation, ambition and desire. That my dear Walter is why socialism never works. You would need to overcome millions of years of human evolution to do so…no easy feat. capitalism simply harnesses the human drive. And it’s precisely because reality and life are so complex that capitalism works Even though Capitalism is not perfect, by far, it’s the best we’ve got so far. Of course you can simply show me a socialist model that works and I’ll tip my hat to you…just one Walter.

  • In 2012, the US government gave $31.2 billion in non-military aid. Private donations added another $71 billion. That dwarfs all other countries in the world combined.

    By the way, what country do you live in? Oh right the USA, the same country you love to hate. Life must be pretty good there or you would have left by now for some socialist utopia.

  • Thank you Havana Times and John Goodrich for providing some
    information on an excellent program and example of what International,
    that is human solidarity can look like. The unidentified “Informed
    Consent” may be followed by the usual haters of anything that is done
    for the public good, but as usual they will have to distort the facts or
    look for unrepresentative example to argue the two big myths of current
    American capitalism; 1. Anything socialist won’t ever work and 2.
    Capitalism is as good as it gets even if it leaves lots of “losers” and
    victims in its wake.

    These myths have been working within the US and among those who want to believe in some form of greed as the best motivator in human nature. But it requires several delusional mental gymnastics. First the believer must not study or do scientific research to support their assertions. They must also resolve all historical and human events into a set of absolutes, ones that fit with their personal choice of identity and existential belief system. This sounds fancy, but actually in practice it is really simple. Ex President Bush was a good example. He said, they hate our way of life, and you are either with us or against us.

    Reality of course is much more complex and making life for individuals or societies better is difficult.

  • What a ridiculous comment. American doctors, as IC below comments, are free to work where they choose. Have you ever heard of the Peace Corps and Doctors without Borders? More than a handful of American doctors essentially volunteer to work for these international organizations. The medical indentured servants from Cuba do a lot of good in the world but it is by no means altruistic. It is a lucrative business for the Castro dictatorship and is only possible because of the slave wages these Cuban doctors would otherwise earn in Cuba. My best friend in Cuba is a neurosurgeon and has been a brigade leader on an international mission so I have my facts straight. BTW, ask the people in Estonia or Poland or Moldova how they feel about those US “imperial outposts”. You seem suddenly silent on the truly imperial intervention of your former Soviet socialist motherland Russia into their defenseless neighbor Ukraine. In none of the foreign countries where brave young American soldiers are stationed are they there except by formal invitation of the host country. You should also check your facts regarding which country’s citizens give more money, through both public and private funding and do more charitable work around the world helping the poor. I will make it easy for you…the US.

  • The fantastically wealthy United States doesn’t have authority to tell it’s doctors what to do. Unlike Cuba who uses its doctors (err over-hyped nurses) as indentured servants, leased out to other countries as a revenue stream

  • By comparison, the fantastically wealthy United States sends only a handful of doctors out to help the poor because the U.S. has a FOR-PROFIT health care system and 99% of the U.S. doctors cannot afford to do volunteer work.
    On the other (armored) hand, since taking office , the very socialist, weak-on-defense President Obama has increased Special Forces deployment from the 60 countries that Bush had them in to 134 nations today .
    134 nations is 70% of all the countries on the planet.
    Obama is the man Moses supports and now you can see why.
    He’s much more imperial in his policies and far more to the right in bailing out the failed corporations than was Bush .
    But Moses et al would have us believe that they are out in the world doing good in all these countries and not establishing imperial military outposts just as the Roman Empire did.
    Oh, they could spend those billions on helping the poor around the world but imperialism does dictate that you must kill a lot of people who don’t like being told what to do by the United States government and that takes up all the money that could be used helping people who are poor because of capitalism.

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