Cuba Tourism Hits Two Millionth

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 19 — Cuba surpassed for the seventh consecutive year the figure of two million tourists, on this occasion 12 days before as compared to 2009, according to a Ministry of Tourism communiqué. This figure represents a three per cent growth in this sector, considered last decade as the locomotive of the Cuban economy, reported IPS.

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2 thoughts on “Cuba Tourism Hits Two Millionth

  • No doubt due to the fact that, at least for Canadians, it is by far the cheapest place to travel. It is cheaper for me to fly and stay in an all inclusive hotel in Varadero than to vacation in my own province here in Canada. Right now all inclusive vacations to Cuba start at over half the cost of one in Mexico. The food may not be as good, but I don’t have to worry about crime or health care. And I’ve never gotten sick while on vacation in Cuba, which is something that can’t be said about Mexico. Plus I happen to enjoy beans, rice, and whatever vegetables or meat are available. Nothing wrong with that!

  • Dont be to proud of it.

    Befor the revolution Cuba had 20 million tourist.

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