Cuba TV to Skip MLB All-Star Game

Yasiel Puig of the Los Angeles Dodgers will be starting the All-Star game in right field and batting second.

HAVANA TIMES — There is nothing Cuban baseball fans would like more than to watch tonight’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game with five of their favorite players on the National and American League teams.

But despite a small opening which allows some MLB games (with no Cuban players) to be broadcast days after they are played, the idea of the censors allowing fans to once again see Jose Dariel Abreu (Cienfuegos), Aroldis Chapman (Holguin), Yasiel Puig (Cienfuegos), Alexei Ramirez (Pinar del Rio) and Yoenis Cespedes (Granma) all on the same night is just plain out of the question.

Local baseball critics consulted by HT are almost unanimous in believing that someday Cubans will be allowed to see the island’s top players in action, and most say that it’s only a matter of time that the Communist Party’s Ideological Dept., the main censor of all Cuban media, will give in to public demand.

On Monday night Yoenis Cespedes, who played for Granma in the Cuban league, managed a repeat victory in the annual All-Star Home Run Derby. This accomplishment went unreported in the government’s monopoly media.

Nonetheless, both the Home Run Derby and the All-Star game will most likely be available in the coming weeks in the packets sold on the street and door-to-door that allow Cubans to see numorous programs not allowed by the controlled media.

3 thoughts on “Cuba TV to Skip MLB All-Star Game

  • Brilliant Moses! The problem for the regime is there’s more and more
    people in Cuba who know this and will continue to erode support
    for those presently in power. It’s so absurd yet so predictable
    I’m still of the opinion that we can make this change quicker and easier
    by allowing trade, access to communication and an easier way for
    USA citizens to travel to Cuba but time will tell. Oh, and the clock continues to tick!

  • Moses wrote, “Imagine the national pride Cubans would have felt to witness such a large number of their compadres taking the field in Minnesota?”

    That is precisely what the Castro regime fears: the Cuban people taking pride in their brothers who rejected and defied the Castros. The success of Jose Dariel Abreu, Aroldis Chapman, Yasiel Puig , Alexei Ramirez and Yoenis Cespedes is a finger in the Castros eye. They set a frightening example for the Cuban people to follow.

  • These communists bozos are ridiculous. What possible threat to their failed ideology is there in a live-viewing of a baseball game? Despite my measured attempts to keep the tone of the dialogue here at HT reasonable, there is always some news out of Cuba that just blows me away. Is it any wonder that Castro sycophants are so small-minded Their heroes are a bunch of limp-wristed knuckleheads. Imagine the national pride Cubans would have felt to witness such a large number of their compadres taking the field in Minnesota? Don’t these idiots realize that the first plane smoking out of Miami and headed to Cuba tomorrow will have a DVD of these All-Star game festivities ready to be reproduced and distributed in Cuba by the tens of thousands. In a week every Cuban baseball fan and a lot of non-baseball fans will have seen the game on their DVD players. So why not let them see it live? I welcome even one of the minions who work for the Cuban Information Ministry who monitor this blog or even one of the Castro apologists to please explain to me and I am sure many other readers why ICRT is afraid of a baseball game.

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