Cuba-US Agreements Continue to Unravel

Barack Obama, Raul CastroHAVANA TIMES – The Raul Castro and Barack Obama administrations held secret talks for 18 before announcing their decision to mend the diplomatic fences and restore relations. Tuesday’s move to strike Cuba from the US list of countries supporting terrorism marks the latest policy change from Washington.

Since last December 17, numerous decisions have been announced by Washington, both easing the travel ban and aspects of the embargo (although not lifting either to date) sparking what could be the beginning of greater commercial relations.

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3 thoughts on “Cuba-US Agreements Continue to Unravel

  • Coming from Germany? The land that started two world wars! What a joke!!!!

  • Cubans want for themselves all the rights you have in Germany. Maybe one day you can go to Cuba and see how cubans actually live.

  • Be careful.

    As many have said before and even more have experienced, the Americans cannot be trusted, not even after they have signed agreements or contracts. They are the exceptionals and stand above the Law! So they think.
    Cuba is strongly advised to be really really careful for the insidious ways to create ‘change’, via ‘freedom of speech’, ‘freedom of Information’ (Internet) and THEIR (US) understanding of ‘Democracy (which is, as we all know, the equivalent of ‘obedient to the highest bidder).

    Alrhough Cuba of course can use very well a relief of sanctions and more freedom, the step to loosing its soul will be small if the Americans start to flood the Island with money, information and NGO’s.

    Unfortunately I have never been to your beautiful Island, but I hope it will be able to keep its unique character and style.

    Best wishes from Germany.

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