Cuba Uses Vietnamese Rice Growing Methods

HAVANA TIMES, Dec. 5 — Due to positive results achieved to date, Cuba plans to extend Vietnamese rice production techniques in the cultivation of 100,000 acres of farmland, reported Prensa Latina.

According to an official with the Cuban Ministry of Agriculture, the action is part of a cooperative program that has been in place since 2002 with Vietnam for the development of cereal farming.

The program, called “People’s and Family Rice,” has recorded concrete results to date in pilot demonstration areas, the provision of technical advice and the raising of other products, according to the head of the Vietnamese mission. However, the type of technical assistance provided by the Asian nation was not revealed in the report.

One thought on “Cuba Uses Vietnamese Rice Growing Methods

  • Hi
    This great news
    I am a Jamaican ,and our rice farming skills was long ago destroyed by the USA forced implemented programs.
    Who could i get in touch with in cuba to know more about their rice planting program.
    Rice is great for our local farmers, the husk is good for chicken feed and pig feed , which stops our dependency on high price imported chicken and pig feed from the USA.
    Best Regards
    Cosmo Francisco Pessoa

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