HAVANA, Jan. 2 – A Cuban-Venezuelan company will be in charge of building a new international airport in the city of Cap Haitien, reported IPS citing official sources in Port-au-Prince. The work will cost 33 million dollars, which will be defrayed by a loan from Venezuela to be paid in 25 years.

9 thoughts on “Cuba-Venezuela to Build Haiti Airport

  • Dear commentators unfortunentelly some of you guys are out of touch with reality. Haiti is not about Aristide, Preval, Duvalier or Martelly, if Country such as Cuba, Venezuela and others want to invest into Haiti reconstruction, I personally don’t see a problem with that. Most ignorant fools out there running their mouth without any basic common sense, need to stop and think of the good and beneficial that would be for Haiti and the people’s of Haiti. Haiti is the first black nation to gain their independent in 1804, and doesn’t have nothing to show for. So by all mean we will accept any help that can move Haiti forward. Anyone who have a problem with that… First you don’t love Haiti and you can go fuck yourself. Real Talk

  • Touche audie, you wraped it all up, there couldnt not possible be a better to help the already impoverished nation by infusing this 33 million. Besides, a major industrial project is already on the way to be established where over 150 000 people could directly benefit from. It is overdue, long overdue. Additionally, the republic of haiti ;s parlaiment unaminously approve such project, it is not being against the goverment will.
    Please people, understand the technicality out this and leave it along, it is entirely a great move for all three countries. a thousand fold return for the proud nation of haiti

  • I disagree with the previous writer.The construction of a modern international air port in northern Haiti is overdue .The Venezuelan bank of development gave a loan of $33 million to the Haitian to build this airport. which is an important step in building the infrastructure of northern Haiti. This project is the back bone of the so needed decentralization of the country.When the time comes for this 33 million dollars to be paid the amount of dollars that this project will generate will be ten fold of the original loan. Can you think of a better way to spend $ 33 million.

  • Well I am sorry you have to travel not a so long of a way but if one remembers on an island not so far away, where Cuba was building a airport and runway, it was used as bogus excuse to invade that country. Cuba is still unjustly named a “terrorist” country and many in the US Congress keep trying to put Venezuela on that list.

    Plus there is a downturn in the tourist industry worldwide and not many jobs are created by just building a upgraded airport and relying on tourism. Economy is build another way, could not those funds be used to put Haitians in real jobs.

    But there are other problems than what has been mention before, Cuba is cutting back on their social services on the backs of the workers because of a misplaced program on market reforms oriented towards capitalism and 2 Billion dollars in debt and Venezuela looks like it is marching to the Chinese Capitalist Party model of so called “market socialism” which is just capitalism.

    The money could be used better…

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