Cuba VP Estaban Lazo in Argentina

HAVANA TIMES, May 25 — Cuban VP Esteban Lazo is in Argentina representing the island at the bicentennial celebration of Argentinean independence on Tuesday.  Lazo has become the key Cuban figure at numerous international events this year in representation of President Raul Castro.

Numerous heads of State including Hugo Chavez of Venezuela; Evo Morales (Bolivia); José Mujica (Uruguay); Sebastián Piñera (Chile); Rafael Correa (Ecuador) and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Brazil) are in Buenos Aires for the commemoration.

One thought on “Cuba VP Estaban Lazo in Argentina

  • I simply must say here that, to the extent your governments are nationalistic, they are not actually practicing socialism: which by definition is truly INTER-nationalist. In the true sense of that term. This is not so easy to see, however, when one nationalist state gladly helps in the celebration of the nationalism of allied states…

    My point being that, whatever the (welcome) independence of the argentinian state now, this fact in itself is not necessarily a socialist one. And Argentina is not actually a socialist state, per se — whatever its Left defenders claim or believe. It is still very much a capitalist one — and is run on that basis.

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