Cuban 5 Case at Detroit Social Forum

We demand justice for the Cuban Five.

HAVANA TIMES, June 15 — “From June 22-26, under the slogan Another World is Possible, Another US is Necessary, the United States Social Forum (USSF) will take place in the city of Detroit Michigan,” notes the International Committee to Free the Cuban 5.

“Thousands of participants from all over the world will converge with the great majority being from the U.S. The USSF will provide a space to build relationships, learn from each other’s experiences, and share analysis of the struggles that working and poor communities face. The USSF will offer the opportunity to develop leadership, vision, and strategy needed to realize a more just world.

“The co-chairs of the National Network on Cuba (NNOC) in the US, together with other groups in solidarity with Cuba, are working to bring issues related to Cuba to this important gathering. Included in this is the struggle to free the Cuban Five political prisoners held in the US, and the significance that their case represents in current US-Cuba relations.

“The International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5 will present the art exhibit, From My Altitude; the original paintings of Antonio Guerrero, one of the Cuban Five, serving long sentences in the US for defending their country against terrorism.  Through the paintings participants at the USSF will be able to learn about the case of these brave men,” states the Committee press release.