Cuban Academic Demands Full Access to Information

Esteban Morales. Photo: Patricia Grogg/IPS

HAVANA TIMES — The renowned academic Esteban Morales said on Sunday in his blog that Cuban intellectuals should have full access to information, its dissemination and criticism to contribute to the “change of mentality” demanded by President Raul Castro, reported the AFP.

The economist and sociologist argues that “access to information is being strenuously hindered with regard to sensitive issues.”

He contends that while criticism is being promoted by the government “at the same time it’s being impeded; it’s like there are two policies: one being promoted by our president, and another one that the established bureaucracy in power is applying.”

He also noted the “attitude of distrust, sectarianism and exclusivity” of the press, which “generally excludes writings by intellectuals on their pages, therefore forcing their work into the alternative media.”

Morales was kicked out of the ranks of the Cuban Communist Party in April 2010 for criticizing government corruption, but was later readmitted to the organization.