Cuban activists and emigration island gather in Miami

HAVANA TIMES — The Platform for Cuban Integration began Friday in the city of Miami, the civic- cultural campaign “For equality and integration in Cuba,” with activists from the island and emigrants living in the US participating. The campaign will continue through March 30.

Titled “Racial discrimination and intolerance: challenges of the present and future of Cuba” scholars and activists discuss “the link between cultural and political intolerance and the policy of racial discrimination,” Diario de Cuba reported.

Amont the participants are Manuel Cuesta Morúa opposition leader the Arco Progressive group; rapper Raudel Collazo Pedroso, and scholars such as Jorge Duany and Juan Antonio Blanco.

On Saturday night, at the Madriguera de Miami venue, there will be a concert with Raudel (Esquadrón Patriota), Soandry (Hermano de causa), Poet Líriko, Kokino (Anonymous consejo) , Silvito el Libre and Aldo El Aldeano.