Cuban-Americans Plan Fireworks Flotilla

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban-Americans belonging to the “Democracy Movement” announced on Monday their plan to organize another fleet of private yachts to approach the Cuban coast and launch fireworks on Saturday, August 11, reported the Cubaencuentro website.

“It’s a silent protest to demand freedom of speech and an end to Internet censorship. The Internet is a powerful weapon for opening closed societies,” said Ramon Saul Sanchez, the president of the Movement.

The number of boats in the flotilla was not disclosed. It will sail on Saturday morning from Key West to arrive that night at about 20 miles from Havana, outside of Cuban territorial waters, and take advantage of the presence of people on the Havana Malecon during the annual carnival celebration.

According to the news article, the fleet has the backing of several Republican mayors in South Florida, who will “follow up with authorities in the US and Europe” to express the “need for freedom” in Cuba.


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  • Whatever it takes… some call it INTIMIDATION.

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