Cuban Artist Luis Manuel Otero Freed from Hospital-Prison

By Circles Robinson

Luis Manuel Otero shortly after his release from his hospital-prison. Screenshot from ADN.

HAVANA TIMES – Cuban artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara was only a few hours away from reaching a month as a prisoner at the Calixto Garcia hospital in Havana. 

His incommunicado detention in the hospital began with an early morning kidnapping by State Security on May 2. The objective of the abduction from his home was apparently to interrupt his hunger strike that had already lasted a week.

At first, the government used all its media to discredit his hunger strike. They even mocked him, saying he was in very good health.

However, with a 24/7 contingent of State Security agents around the hospital and his room, they never let him go until today.

An official press note from the Provincial Health Authorities suddenly announced the “medical discharge” of Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara. They said they had given him excellent treatment.

Shortly after leaving, Otero said that he is at his family’s home in El Cerro, adding that he will update himself on everything that has happened during his isolation. He continues without his telephone, stolen by the State Security.

The artist, a coordinator of the San Isidro Movement, also clarified that he will continue to fight for his friends who are imprisoned and ended with the phrase that identifies him: we are connected.

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