Cuban Artist Recreates “The Hole” Where Cuban Five Were Held in Isolation


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HAVANA TIMES — At the beginning of April an unusual installation opened at the Havana Fine Arts Museum titled “No Agradezcan el Silencio” (Don’t thank the silence) by artist Alexis Leiva Machado (Kcho).

The exhibit recreates the conditions in the United States prison system and is dedicated especially to recall the 17 months that five Cuban agents spent isolated in “The Hole” when first arrested in 1998. Those attending can go in and experience it for five minutes.

On hand for the opening were the two Cuban Five members now back in Cuba after serving out their long sentences. See for yourself through April 30th.

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2 thoughts on “Cuban Artist Recreates “The Hole” Where Cuban Five Were Held in Isolation

  • It is disappointing that it is only being displayed until April, would have loved to experience it, as would a lot of other visitors to your island that will not arrive until the end of year or even 2015.

  • Two of my Cuban friends who have visited this exhibit both quipped the same thing. This isolation cell was cleaner and bigger than some apartments in Cuba. it always had water and electricity and there was no fear it would fall down on top of you. You gotta’ love that Cuban sense of humor.

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