Cuban Boat People Reach Florida

Havana shot from 10 de Octubre St. by Irina Echarry

HAVANA TIMES — A group of 18 Cubans made it to a Florida beach on Wednesday after navigating for five days on an old boat powered by a Soviet automobile engine, reported the AFP news agency.

“Sixteen men and two women — all in very good physical condition — arrived at approximately 2:00 a.m. on Wednesday off the coast of Riviera Beach,” said Frank Miller, the Coast Guard officer in charge of the West Palm Beach station.

According to Miller, “They put a 1950s Russian car engine in the boat, which is what helped them to get here.” In addition they brought several bags of food and containers of water, he said.

As opposed to migrants from Haiti and other islands in the Caribbean, the aliens will not only be released in accordance with special laws for those who arrive from Cuba, but they will also be provided with resettlement assistance and a fast-track to green cards (permanent residency).


2 thoughts on “Cuban Boat People Reach Florida

  • Well, we have to wish them luck. But I always think of the hundreds–perhaps thousands–of poor workers, men, women and children, who have perished in the deserts of the US Southwest trying to exchange one capitalist hell for another.

  • Some can’t take it anymore. How long can you stand and resist. Opressor’s tactics are simple in it’s design but bring less than expected results. Compare to mega-zilions of Mexicans flooding US cuban exodus is still puney. On the other hand how much better most of Cubans are fairing in US? Last time I checked that handfull of dollars (if any) seldom buys their dreams. Quickly though they become milking cows for the system unless they master cheating. Leaving your heart back there and selling your body here must make you feel like prostitute zombie wishing for William Levy’s smile of fortune. For the rest… poor as ever – good luck feeding lottery magnates with your last buck…

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