Cuban Communist Party Leaders Met on the Economy

HAVANA TIMES — The fourth plenum of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Cuba was held this Sunday, headed by its first secretary, President Raul Castro, the Granma newspaper reported.

According to the note, the meeting addressed the major challenges identified in the work of the party, based on information gathered from visits to workplaces, schools and community organizations.

Among the priorities analyzed were those related to the fulfillment of economic plans, hiring, financial problems, the reorganization of the business system and progress in the downsizing of the government sector.

In addition, another meeting took place on Friday as an expanded meeting of the Council of Ministers, where Marino Murillo (the head of implementing the party’s reform guidelines) announced a new “Model of Social and Economic Development” in which “socialist ownership by all of the people will prevail over the basic means of production,” reported Granma.

One thought on “Cuban Communist Party Leaders Met on the Economy

  • Regarding the new “Model of Social and Economic Development,” if “socialist ownership” means state ownership, then the new model means a dogged adherence to old, proven dysfunctional, Marxian state monopolism.

    That’s the ideological and theoretical problem; they don’t have a correct understanding of what truly constitutes socialist property.

    Socialist property is not state ownership of productive assets; it is primarily direct individual and associate-cooperative ownership, with the balance being state owned assets.

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