Cuban Diplomats Meet with Emigrants in Miami

HAVANA TIMES — The consul general and deputy consul at the Cuban Interests Section in Washington D.C. traveled to Miami to meet with emigrants from the island, representatives from travel agencies that promote trips to Cuba and other groups who support a normalization of relations between the US and Cuba.

According to Café Fuerte, the officials, Llanio Gonzalez and Armando Bencomo, met on Monday with members of the Alianza Martiana organization and held private talks with residents of Miami.  On Tuesday they met with the tourist industry representatives.

A video placed on the Radio Miami website, shows the Consul explaining to the Alianza Martiana members aspects of Cuba’s recent immigration reform and the scope of the economic reforms being promoted by President Raul Castro.

Llanio Gonzalez announced that a new Foreign Investment Law is in the works and that it will include the possibility of Cuban residents abroad investing in business on the island.

The trip by the officials to Miami was the second time this year that the US State Department has granted permission for the Cuban diplomats to travel to Florida, outside of the perimeter of Washington D.C. where they are usually confined.