Cuban Emigration to Ecuador Shoots Up

HAVANA TIMES, Jan. 8 – The entry into Ecuador of persons coming from Cuba has increased from 2,700 a year to more than 2,300 a month, according to IPS based on data cited by Spain’s El Mundo daily.  According to the newspaper, the Cuban community has considerably grown in that South American country, especially in the cities of Quito and Guayaquil.

2 thoughts on “Cuban Emigration to Ecuador Shoots Up

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  • Good in a way i love this because noone really needs Spain or the imperialist US of amereikkka..We are b\a part of ALBA our people deserve to live as best they can along with thier familys doing more ***than making it ..barely.. i love Cuba however, i overstand the need for our people and our leaders tro become willing to negotiate.Today at the Tampa Fla airport i met a Cuban who just spent 25 days in transit trying to get here from Spain..tsk tsk tsk,,it ain;t what people think it is..according to my new assoc Mario. Spain is as racist and hateful as amerikkka and in reality the only people accepted there without questrions are White Cubans. i have visted Spain and am not impressed after all the MOORS conquered the Iberian peninsula the queen enslaved the African.. The fact that Spanish kidnapped raped and enslaved the African speaks to its SPAN(ISH so called** holier than thou character as well as its current..Character which enslaves..HMMM LMAO

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