Cuban Farmers to Expand Direct Sales

To the tourism industry

Cuban farmers. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — Starting October 21 Cuban farmers, either land owners or land leasers, will have the option to sell their products directly to tourism entities.

The Resolutions of the Ministries of Agriculture, Tourism, and Finance and Prices, published today in the Official Gazette No. 24, expanded this mode, previously only possible through Credit and Service Cooperatives.

Also added to the list of approved products for direct sales are flowers, ornamental plants, spices and condiments, eggs, flower arrangements and gardening services.  Previously only certain products like rice and charcoal could be sold directly.

The new measures are due to the fact that to date “direct sales are lower than the existing potential,” said Roberto Perez, Communist Party official serving agribusiness policy.

One thought on “Cuban Farmers to Expand Direct Sales

  • What this post fails to say is that these direct sales will only be permitted AFTER the farmer has sold his quota to the state. That is too say, surplus may be sold directly to the tourism facility (hotel) buyer. The Castros will always make sure they get their cut first.

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