Cuban Five Case to UN Gen. Assembly

By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES, Sept. 2 – The president of the United Nations General Assembly, Miguel D’Escoto said in Havana on Tuesday that he would bring up the Cuban Five case in his speech this month marking the end of his period in the one year post.

D’Escoto will call on US President Obama to rectify the injustice and immediately and make real his campaign promises for change in US-Cuba policy.

The Cuban Five have been imprisoned in the US for almost 11 years, a product of a lingering cold war between the US and Cuba under which terrorist groups in Miami have been supported by Washington in their efforts to attack Cuba and its interests.

Havana maintains that the Cuban Five’s only activities were to infiltrate the terrorist organizations and inform their government of their violent plans.  The imprisoned men are considered heroes on the island and their pictures are plastered on billboards and posters throughout the country.

Numerous human rights groups from around the world acknowledge that the Cuban Five were convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage and other charges and given extremely harsh sentences by a biased Miami court back in 2001.

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