Cuban Five Wife Denied Visa, Again

Adriana Perez, Gerardo Hernandez's Wife

HAVANA TIMES, July 16 – The US State Department has once again denied a visa to Adriana Perez to visit her husband Gerardo Hernandez, one of a group of Cuban men who infiltrated Miami-based exile organizations that plot violent attacks against the island and its interests.

The Cuban Five have been in US jails for nearly 11 years accused of conspiracy to commit espionage and other offenses.  Seen by human rights and legal groups around the world as a strictly politically motivated prosecution, the defendants -considered heroes back home- have been unable to get a re-trail despite numerous irregularities in the 2001 trial and sentencing in Miami.

Perez, who has not been able to see her husband in over a decade, was categorized as “a threat to the stability and national security of the United States,” the same justification for denial used during the Bush administration.

For more on the Cuban Five case see this Havana Times feature: Cuban Five: Wrong Guys in Jail

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  • Bush or Obama…Nothing is changed in the empire of evil government.

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