Leader of the Democratic Party minority in the US House of Representatives

Nancy Pelosi y Bruno Rodriguez in Havana.  Photo: cubadebate.cu

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez met on Wednesday with Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Party leader in the US Congress, who arrived on the island heading a nine-member delegation, reported dpa.

Rodriguez and Pelosi “discussed the recent bilateral dialogue to restore diplomatic relations” between the two countries, said the official Cubadebate website, which published pictures of the meeting in the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

Pelosi arrived in Havana on Tuesday at the head of a group of nine Democratic congress persons. This is the first official delegation of the House of Representatives that reaches Cuba after historic announcement of December 17.

Cuba and the United States announced late last year, unexpectedly, the decision to resume diplomatic relations after more than half a century of rupture and ideological hostilities.

“This delegation travels to Cuba on a friendly mission to build on the announcement of the normalization of US relations (with Cuba),” said the legislators in a statement.

The group also plans to meet with representatives of civil society including the archbishop of Havana, Cardinal Jaime Ortega, among others.

On Monday, a group of three Democratic senators left the island after a visit of several days. They advocated a greater trade relationship between the two countries.

After the diplomatic rapprochement announced in December, several congressmen and senators of the Democratic Party and some Republicans have visited the island to advocate for the process and get to know the situation in Cuba first hand.

The announcement that the two former enemies would resume diplomatic relations, broken off by the US in 1961, caused a sensation in the world.

Cuba and the United States held a first round of talks in January to draw the roadmap that should lead to the reopening of embassies in their respective countries. A second round of talks is set for February 27 in Washington.

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  • What did those people remember from the Batista years? A dictatorship that was only three years old or the food lines they’ve had since 1962- the year that Castro turned his revolution to his version of Communism? Pa leez!

  • I’m not a big fan of Congress Woman Pelosi but I get my info more from
    people who live and breathe “in the zone!” I respect your comments regarding her and will think a bit more when I review her policies and agenda. Tks

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