Cuban Foreign Minister Visits Ecuador and Nicaragua over Migration Crisis

Burno Rodriguez. Photo/archivo
Burno Rodriguez. Photo/archivo

HAVANA TIMES — Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, held a “working visit” to Ecuador and Nicaragua to address the immigration crisis that has stranded more than 2,000 Cubans in Central America, reported dpa news.

Rodriguez made visits to Ecuador and Nicaragua “on November 19-20, where he exchanged with the authorities of both countries on issues of the bilateral and regional agenda, including immigration issues,” said a brief official note.

During his stay in the two countries, the Cuban Foreign Minister was received by Presidents Rafael Correa, and Daniel Ortega, said the statement published by the official newspaper “Juventud Rebelde.”

Since a week ago, more than 2,000 Cubans are stranded in Costa Rica after trying to cross into Nicaragua on their way to the United States. The Nicaraguan army and police attacked the Cubans with tear gas and rubber bullets on Sunday Nov. 15 and forced them to return to Costa Rica where they are being assisted by the government and population, housed in nine shelters.

The government of Costa Rica granted them temporary transit visas to reach Nicaragua but the authorities their prevented the illegal entry of Cubans.

To address the Cuban immigration crisis a meeting of the foreign ministers of the Central American countries plus Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Cuba is set for Tuesday November 24th in El Salvador.

This week the Cuban government blamed the crisis on the “Cuban Adjustment Act” which allows Cubans entry to US territory on request, where they automatically receive a work permit and then permanent residence a year later. It is an advantage that migrants of no other country on the continent enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Cuban Foreign Minister Visits Ecuador and Nicaragua over Migration Crisis

  • We in Europe are also in turmoil with the attack in Paris, Tunisia, crashed plane in Egypt. Migrants/Refugees fleeing Syria and landing in various countries on their way to Europe and freedom from oppressive governments, so Cuba you are no different, you too have an oppressive government. The world and it’s people are on a very slippery slope of anarchy . God help us all.

  • If what you suggest is true, and I have no reason to believe that it couldn’t be true, then act of turning their Nicaraguan ‘dogs’ on their own people ranks right up there with their sinking their own stolen ferry boat killing the passengers on board. These Castros are real bastards. (…and yes, their father was not married to their mother but that’s not the kind of bastards that I am referring to)

  • As the U. S. grapples with accepting its share of legitimate Syrian refugees, not to mention such things as the sharp influx from the U. S. Territory of Puerto Rico, democracy lovers in the U. S. and America’s best friends around the world are reminded yet again of the plethora of Batistiano-infused U. S. laws that, from decades ago, continue to benefit Cuban-Americans and encourage unlimited human trafficking from Cuba to U. S. soil, among a litany of undemocratic and salaciously “legal” acts. Americans are supposed to be too ignorant or too intimidated to object to such laws that grossly discriminate against everyone except Cuban-Americans and would-be Cuban-Americans. Assuming that the U. S. remains a democracy and is not a Banana Republic even since 1959 when the Batista-Mafia rule in Cuba fled to the U. S., there is no justification whatsoever for special Cuban laws that empower and enrich Cuban exiles starting with the very moment their feet touch U. S. soil, minus the vetting process that accrues to everyone that is not Cuban. The human traffickers benefiting massively by utilizing the Cuba-to-Mexico route is based on the fear that…HEY!!…THE U. S. MIGHT FINALLY END SOME OF THE BENEFITS AVAILABLE ONLY TO CUBANS. Recently Tracey Eaton on his Along the Malecon blog posted one of the endless cash pipelines from Washington to Miami, this one being the Radio-TV Marti boondoggle that has fleeced U. S. taxpayers out of billions of dollars since the 1980s, money that possibly could have gone to slightly more worthy causes. To go down the interminable list of the Marti recipients, and their precise dollar haul, takes an incredibly long time. The first item on that list is for $5 million that goes to some “undisclosed” source. But the endless DISCLOSED recipients is just as chilling. WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED THAT THE BATISTIANOS WOULD HAVE CAPTURED THE UNITED STATES BEFORE THEY RE-CAPTURED CUBA? Amazing.

  • I’m hoping that the Cuban exile population in South Florida can somehow help finance those Cubans’ desire to enter the U.S.A. via a conduit similar to the Marielitas. Costa Rica is obviously sympathetic to the Cubans’ cause.

  • You assume the Cuban Foreign Minister objects to the treatment of the Cuban migrants by the Nicaraguan army. It’s more likely Bruno Rodriguez is there to thank them. It has served Havana’s purposes very well.

  • How do you explain to the foreign minister of Cuba that it was necessary that my border police use tear gas and rubber bullets against your countrymen for doing what they have been doing for 40 years? Talk about an awkward conversation.

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