Cuban Group Holds Public Discussion on Labor Code

HAVANA TIMES – The Critical Observatory Network held a public discussion on Cuba’s draft Labor Code in the El Curita park in Centro Habana on Sunday.

The activists distributed leaflets to passersby, inviting them to participate in the discussion of what will be the new legislation that regulates labor relations on the island.

Young critics demanded that all the regulations associated with the Act be published, in addition to “adding regulations on the right to strike and the struggle for higher wages.”

The Observatory called on legislators to reject the proposed code as it stands “because of its many contradictions, serious constitutional violations, and omissions,” and that “any final proposal , once made ??public, should be subjected to a referendum.“

Agents of the State Security delivered a threatening message the day  to one of the activists , but did not intervene during the activity, albeit staying close by and recording what happened .