Cuban Journalist Murdered in DR

By Café Fuerte

Claudio Nasco
Claudio Nasco

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban Claudio Nasco, a newscaster on channel CDN of the Dominican Republic, was found dead Friday night in a motel in Santo Domingo, the motive is and circumstances are under investigation.

A statement from the Dominican police reported Saturday that Nasco, 37, “was found gagged and stabbed the night before in room number 11 of the Chévere motel” on Highway 30 de Noviembre.

Witness statements indicate that Nasco arrived around 8:00 p.m. and one hour later employees saw his car leave. When they went to the room they found the lifeless body of the newscaster.

The body was removed from the site around 11 pm and sent to Forensic Pathology for a complete autopsy.

Investigation in progress

Police said earlier Saturday that the white Nissan Murano – owned by Nasco, was found in the Plaza Luperon near the motel. Investigation of the case is in progress.

Unofficially it was learned that Dominican police have already identified a suspect in connection with the incident.

Nasco’s death has shocked the journalistic community and social sectors of Dominican Republic , where the newscaster enjoyed a solid reputation and popularity.

Born in Matanzas, Nasco studied philosophy at the Basil Catholic Seminary in Santiago de Cuba , in 1998. Shortly thereafter he traveled to the Dominican Republic where he settled.

Integrated into Dominican life

He was newscaster at CDN since the early 2000s and in 2005 became part of the SIN News team.

Nasco spent six years out of television working as manager of the Independent Financial Centre of the Americas company. Upon his return to journalism this year, Nasco traveled to the Vatican to cover the assumption of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francisco.

Nasco was an active journalist in the social networks. He was well integrated into Dominican life ,  “I feel a great appreciation for this country that welcomed me from day one. I’ve never felt like a foreigner, I felt like one more Dominican and I think most of the Dominican greatness lies in having a huge heart and welcome everybody, “he said in a recent interview.

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  • Very tragic and prayers for his family.

  • Sad story. I am not quite sure why it is posted here on HT but it is still a tragedy for this young man.

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