Cuban Legislators Discuss Labor Code

HAVANA TIMES – Cuban deputies today begin discussions prior to the second annual regular session of the country’s parliament to be held on December 21, official media reported.

A main topic for today is the controversial draft Labor Code, while issues related to the national economy, are on the agenda for today and tomorrow.

In addition, parliamentarians will meet in plenary to discuss two reports that presented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Comptroller General of the Republic, noted Prensa Latina.

The Cuban parliament meets briefly twice a year, mainly to unanimously rubber stamp decree-laws approved by the  government.

One thought on “Cuban Legislators Discuss Labor Code

  • It is quite amazing that in these economically tough times the Cuban leaders have not yet suggested to scrap the National Assembly. altogether.. It would be an excellent money saver without losing not one iota of democracy. A quick win so to speak.

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