Cuban-Manufactured Freighter Reaches Venezuelan Port

HAVANA TIMES — A multipurpose cargo ship (the second of its type built in Cuba) arrived at the Venezuelan port of La Guaira on Tuesday, reported the Prensa Latina news agency.

The ship — measuring 57.27 meters in length, 12 meters wide and 3 in depth — was built in the Damex shipyards of Santiago de Cuba and is capable of carrying 42 containers or other cargo on its deck.

Venezuelan naval commander Admiral Diego Guerra said the vessel will strengthen the Integrated System of National Defense and “will also be used in other areas such as trade that is socialist — not capitalist — and work with those countries that require our humanitarian support, especially when there are natural disasters.”

Based on agreements between the two countries, this is the second Cuban-built Damen Stan Lander 5612 ship delivered to Venezuela since this past March, while two more are expected to be constructed next year.

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  • WOW! VIVA Simon Bolivar! Viva Cuba! Excellente! As Todo would say!

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