Cuban MD with Ebola Now in Switzerland for Treatment

The Ebola virus.  Photo:
The Ebola virus. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — A Cuban doctor who contracted the ébola virus during a relief mission in Africa is now receiving treatment in Switzerland, where he arrived early this morning, reported dpa.

Upon arrival by plane in Geneva, Felix Baez Sarria, aged 43, was taken by ambulance to a special hospital. He is the first Ebola patient receiving treatment in Switzerland.

The Cuban came down the stairs of the aircraft walking and wearing a protective suit and mask, said Dr. Jacques-André Romand. Baez Sarria is part of the team of 165 Cuban doctors in Sierra Leone struggling to combat the epidemic.

The treatment in this European country responds to an agreement with the World Health Organization (WHO), based in Geneva, to serve the Cuban medical staff involved in missions in third countries.

Switzerland, as the host country of the WHO, is willing to take in patients with Ebola, a virus that has already killed at least 5,450 people.

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  • Have either the minions at MINSAP or the Castro mouthpieces made any public statements regarding whether or not this brave doctor will be allowed to return to Cuba once he has recovered? Or, God forbid, should the doctor succumb to his illness and not recover, will the Castros allow his remains to return to the land of his birth>

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