Cuban Parliament Begins Its Deliberations

HAVANA TIMES — The 12 standing committees of the National Assembly of People’s Power of Cuba will come to session on Monday and Tuesday at Havana’s Convention Palace in its usual end of the year meeting.

The parliament will focus on issues related to the process of “economic updating” being undertaken on the island, in addition to a self-assessment of its work over the past half-decade, since this is the last session of the current five-year term of the legislature.

The committees will begin their work before listening to reports from the ministries and from various institutions, scheduled for Wednesday.

However, the proposed amendment to the Family Code — including legislation concerning homosexual unions — will remain outside of their debate once again, according to the independent journalist and gay rights activist Francisco Rodriguez Cruz.

The plenary session is scheduled for Thursday, when it is expected that it will approve the national budget and the 2013 National Economic Plan.

One thought on “Cuban Parliament Begins Its Deliberations

  • “Deliberations” …?

    Isn’t that word used to describe the process whereby people consider options and make a choice? How does that apply in this situation? Has the Cuban parliament every made a choice contrary to that which the rulers tell them is the correct choice?

    The proposals submitted by the government will be approved as is.

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