Cuban Parliament Meets to Approve Labor Code

HAVANA TIMES —  ?The Cuban parliament meets for its second brief annual session today and tomorrow at the  Havana Convention, after two days of committee meetings.

The main item on the agenda is the adoption of the new Labor Code.  The legislators were informed of some amendments to the original text yesterday by Margarita González Fernández, Minister of Labor and Social Security.

Despite strong criticism in workplaces and from independent groups on the island, there is no doubt that the Code will be approved.

The Cuban parliament (established in 1976) has never in its history voted against a law proposed by the government, with the over 600 deputies approving all bills unanimously.

One thought on “Cuban Parliament Meets to Approve Labor Code

  • Stop and think about the last few sentences in the post. 600 hundred Cubans unanimously agree on EVERYTHING and do so, ALL the time? My Cuban family, whom I love dearly, can’t agree on which DVD to watch. And there are only 5 of them! The political term “rubber stamp” is the best description to explain the role of the phony Cuban parliament.

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