Cuban President Ends His International Tour

Cuban president Miguel Diaz Canel paid a visit to Tiananmen Square in the Chinese capital to honor Mao Zedong.

HAVANA TIMES – Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel concluded an international tour in Laos over the weekend that also included Russia, North Korea, China and Vietnam, at a time when the Island is looking for business partners in the midst of a greater international opening and of the severe crisis that affects its leading trade partner, Venezuela, reported dpa.

The visit to Moscow was preceded by the signing on October 30 in Havana of trade agreements for 260 million dollars, as confirmed by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov.

In China, the island signed agreements of intent with Beijing on trade, renewable energy, tourism and technology. The government says bilateral trade with China is 1.76 billion dollars per year, with tobacco, rum and medicines as the main products sold by Cuba. China has long been willing to up trade with Cuba, but the island’s payment problems have kept such from reaching full potential.

In Vietnam, a commercial agreement and a financial protocol were signed to implement a cooperation project in rice production from Cuba. The island continues to struggle to produce its staple foods spending billions per year on imports.

The visit to North Korea revolved around the ratification of common ties and good wishes for cooperation in tourism, education and health. The two countries share similar centralized political and economic systems but have been unable to carry out significant exchanges.

In the same line, the symbolic visit to Laos was developed, ending Diaz Canel’s first presidential tour, which was organized around a group of countries sharing similar values with the Cuban Communist Party.   

For nearly a decade the Cuban government sees foreign investment as the only way to bring about a modernization of the country’s stagnated economy.

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6 thoughts on “Cuban President Ends His International Tour

  • Has it occurred to you Davy that Cuba took part in the Syrian invasion of Israel now known as Yum Kippur. Do you really expect Israel to embrace Cuba after that experience? I live in Cuba and it is a crime for a Cuban to criticize the regime. Incidentally, the Communist Party of Cuba has precedence over the government, so as First Secretary, Raul Castro still has more power than his selected and appointed President Diaz-Canel Bermudez. Have you read the US Cuban Democracy Act under which the embargo was imposed? Do you agree with its declared purpose? I ask that because although I am opposed to the embargo as it has been used for many years be the regime as an excuse for their own incompetence, its described purpose appears sensible – does it not? Your comment appears to demonstrate that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing! Do you approve of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) controlling all media and imposing censorship or would you prefer that Cubans should be able to access information freely? Do you support the purposes of the CDR and the operations of MININT? Do you agree with the regime that parents teaching their own children in their own home anything that is contrary to communism should be jailed for three years? That’s the reality of Cuba rather than the supposedly “socialist” spoutings of the Propaganda Department of the PCC. Can you explain why the 2012 census revealed that only some 5,500 citizens in Cuba were born in other countries – why don’t refugees go there rather than choosing capitalist countries? Time to get with reality Davy!

  • Bad joke Sandra, try another one!

  • Why exactly do you support Diaz-Canel? What has he done to deserve your praise? I agree that Trump is a fascist by the way but that doesn’t mean Diaz-Canel isn’t an idiot.

  • So enlighten me, what has the new Cuban puppet…er, President done so far that has improved the lives of real Cubans? Name one thing….

  • Yes absolutely,what we are told on the capitalist media about Cuba is false and facist trump who talks about lack of human rights in Cuba with only Israel for support props up an illegal and immoral blockade on the island,an country who has hundreds of doctors,nurses dentists,and teachers all around the world educating and helping other third world countries

  • Miguel Diaz Canel President of the Republic of CUBA is doing a great job for the cuban economy.The. people of Cuba in and abroad are extremely proud of him. God Bless Him!!!. Long live CUBA.

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