Cuban Rocker Gorki Faces Trial for Drugs

HAVANA TIMES – Gorki Águila, leader of the punk-rock band Porno para Ricardo, will be tried on Tuesday of next week in Marianao Municipal Court on charges of “illicit drug possession” , reported Diario de Cuba.

Gorky was arrested in September 2013 for “possession of a psychotropic drug” which was prescribed in Mexico to treat his epilepsy, according to statements made at the time by his girlfriend.

The artist, known for his poignant criticisms of the government, already has in his possession the duly authenticated clinical report from Mexico for submission to the court, where he will be represented by Amelia Rodriguez Cala, an attorney who says she has “experience in defending opponents.”

The rocker was previously arrested in 2003 for “drug possession” and imprisoned until 2005, while in 2008 he was arrested and tried on charges of “disobedience” , for which he paid a fine of 600 pesos.

2 thoughts on “Cuban Rocker Gorki Faces Trial for Drugs

  • Wish him luck. Like his music.

  • The charge against Gorki in 2008 was for “social dangerousness”. He was eventually ordered to pay a $30 fine for the lesser offence of public disorder, after prosecutors dropped the more serious charge.

    That the police are attempting to frame up a conviction on epilepsy medication is a sure sign of the fear the regime has for free-thinking people like Gorki.

    They can’t accept a Cuban musician recording songs like this:


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