Cuban Scientist Ariel Ruiz Demands Freedom or Death

By Lynn Cruz

Ariel Ruiz Urquiola. Photo de archivo.

HAVANA TIMES – Ariel Ruiz Urquiola is not an ordinary Cuban; that is demonstrated by his actions. A short while ago, his sister Omara informed, by telephone, that after waiting for several hours at the entrance of the prison on the outskirts of Pinar del Río where Ariel was being held, she finally got an interview with the prison warden, Lieutenant Colonel of the Interior Ministry, Miranda Alonso. 

Alonso was accompanied by officers Peraza Navia and Hernandez García. Of them Omara only got the surnames. In the total uncertainty, related to the health status of her brother, she learned that he had been transferred to the Abel Santamaria Provincial Hospital.

He is in the prisoner ward and has not yet been given serums. Ariel has been on a total hunger and liquid strike for eight days.

Today a group of friends, independent journalists,  and libertarian artists and musicians incluiding Gorki Aguila, Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, Oscar Casanella, Yanelis Nunez, Rodolfo Cabrera, Boris Gonzalez Arenas, who were preparing to pay a visit to convince Ariel to abandon the hunger strike, were intercepted by State Security agents that made it impossible for them to leave their homes.

Omara was trying to get Ariel to receive her, since he refused to receive visitors. She also carries with her the messages of solidarity that many people have sent her.

Throughout the morning, Omara had her telephone contacts blocked with close associates who are responsible for this news to come to light.

Ariel’s position is “Freedom or Death”.

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  • I too would urge Ariel Ruiz Urquiola to abandon his hunger strike. If ever Cuba gets its freedom from the oppression of the Castro communist regime, it will need leaders and Ariel could be one of them.

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