Cuban Singer Santiago Feliu Dies at 51

Santiago Feliú

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban singer/songwriter Santiago Feliu, 51, died suddenly this morning in Havana, sources close to his family to Radio Rebelde.

According to relatives, Feliu suffered a severe pain in the chest and died of a heart attack before he could reach the hospital, noted dpa news.

“It’s Santiago, the youngest, who a heart attack took away an hour ago,” wrote fellow musician Silvio Rodríguez on his blog Second Date .

Feliu was born in Havana on March 29, 1962. He belonged to the second generation of the movement known as Nueva Trova, with singers including Gerardo Alfonso, Frank Delgado and Carlos Varela.

Author of songs like “For Barbara” and “Without Julieta”, he recorded 11 albums, the last one entitled “Oh Life”, came out in 2010.

The musician was scheduled to perform Saturday at the new cultural project in Havana called the Cuban Art Factory, promoted by singer Alfonso X, which aims to provide a space for new creations.


3 thoughts on “Cuban Singer Santiago Feliu Dies at 51

  • Griffin all this information is on Wikipedia which is a Pro American site which anyone can post onto. Yet the truths about the Bush family quickly disappeared. Sometimes I doubt all that I read, and even more so I doubt the lies. This man was a very talented musician. And that is what matters to me…

  • The brief biography on Feliu mentions some odd things:

    “During his life, Feliu was a societal activist. He took part in the Cuban Revolution, Mexico’s Zapatista movement and Colombia’s rebel M-19 group.”

    Given that Feliu was born in 1962, they cannot mean that he took part in the fight against Batista. I guess it means when he grew up, he joined the Party and supported the Stalinist political regime euphemitically referred to as the “Cuban Revolution”.

    What of the Zapatista movement and the Colombian terrorist group M-19 did he “take part in”? The numerous terrorist actions these radical leftists carried out, such as the Palace of Justice siege, which resulted in the deaths of over 100 Colombians, is hardly something a singer of ballads should want to endorse, or is it?

  • RIP, man.

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