Cuban Students against Terrorism

estudiantes-de-la-universidad-de-ciencias-informatica-uci-en-la-escalinataLuis Rondon Paz

HAVANA TIMES — The steps at the University of Havana and the surrounding area were filled with students from different grade levels on Tuesday September 30.

At the end of San Lazaro Street and only meters from the university steps was a small stage. One student read a speech reiterating the Cuban government’s call for justice and against terrorism and demanding the US release the remaining three prisoners (of the Cuban Five) held for over 16 years in that country.

Then the crowd walked to the malecon sea wall and then proceeded to the Anti-Imperialist Plaza located facing the US Interests Section. Here are some pictures.

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3 thoughts on “Cuban Students against Terrorism

  • These demonstrations are not genuine, spontaneous or sincere, 95% of those students
    in the photo don’t want to be there. They want to be home watching a movie.

  • The Cuban Five are spies of the Cuban intelligence agency. They were properly arrested, tried and convicted of violating US laws. They are where they belong.

    Did the Cuban youth, dragooned by the regime to participate in this march, also protest against the Cuban government support for terrorists like FARC & M-19 in Colombia, ETA in Spain, the EGP in Guatemala, the FALN in Venezuela, the IRA which had it’s Latin American headquarters in Havana, the Macheteros in Puerto Rico, the MIR in Chile, the MRTA in Peru, the Montoneros in Argentina, and the Tupamaros in Uruguy?

    Or against the various Middel Eastern terrorist groups Caba provides with support, such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Hamas, and Hezbollah, who recently opened an office in Havana. Why would a Shia terrorist organization open an office in Havana?

    Did the students ask why the government of Cuba maintained such close relations with Muammar Gadaffi and why they support Bashir Assad in Syria? What is the basis of Cuba’s growing relationship with Iran, itself a state sponsor of terrorism? What of Cuba’s involvement with North Korea and the sale of weapons to North Korea in violation of the United Nations ban?

  • Sadly, the US are unlikely to release the remaining three ‘prisoners’ of the Cuban Five. This comes as no surprise given the infantile, spiteful and pig headed mentality throughout the US.
    No justification but that matters not to the World’s so called ‘Superpower’.
    One day, though unlikely in my lifetime, the US might elect a President who has credibility.

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