Cuban University Websites Hacked

with Anti-Repression and Anti-Diaz-Canel messages

Down with the dictatorship. Page of the Faculty of Arts and Letters of the University of Havana hacked. Photo: screenshot

By 14ymedio

HAVANA TIMES – Anonymous Cuba began the year by attacking the security of a number of Havana University faculties’ webpages, posting caricatures of Cuban leaders on them, as well as photographs showing scenes of repression and offensive messages against Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel, calling for the end to dictatorship.

The faculties affected were: Psychology, Tourism, Physics, Arts & Literature, Economics, Accounting & Finance and Geography — all webpage addresses ending with “.cu”. The servers of some of these have already stopped any public access, but one can still track the posts via the memory-cache stored on Google. “Down with the dictatorship” or “Díaz-Canel motherfucker” are some of the slogans that can be seen.

The attack was made “in protest against another year of dictatorship. This is just the first one of the year, showing that we are still here and still active”, says a hooded person, in a video posted by Digital Resistance, in which they explain the reasons for the hacking and publish evidence of the results.

The message urges us to look out for further information on the group’s future actions via their social media pages. “There are lots of important things to come. Down with the dictatorship. Long live Free Cuba”, it continues.

“They will ask what damage this does to the regime. We don’t want to hurt the people, only the system, and these actions constitute a protest. It’s like holding a placard saying ’down with the dictatorship’ in Revolution Square”,  it added.

The voice went on to say that the web pages affected, being government ones, but also belonging to educational institutions, are “centres of indoctrination”.

The collective’s YouTube channel has added a message in the video’s description in which it details their fundamental message. “We want to show to our young people that they have to react, it’s all a farce, and they are the ones who can initiate change. They are being deceived”.

Cuba Resistance claims to have attacked a number of web pages more associated with the government in December, but also ones connected with the official press. In addition, in August they achieved one of their most effective actions when they leaked Sol Meliá’s administrative and commercial contracts, as well as thousands of emails, in which clients complained about the deplorable conditions of many of their hotels, including the presence of infestations.

After taking this action, the group posted a message mocking the government’s response: “Now we’re just waiting on the check from the CIA… the usual donation. It will really help us to carry on. Doing this takes a lot of work over many hours. BURN DOWN THE DICTATORSHIP,” it reads. The tweet is posted on their profile page.

Translated by Ricardo Recluso for Translating Cuba

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