Cuban Writer Angel Santiesteban Gets 5-Year Prison Sentence

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban writer and dissident Angel Santiesteban Prats was sentenced on Saturday to five years in jail after being convicted of the crimes of physical assault and trespassing, reports the Café Fuerte website.

The 2006 Casa de las Americas Prize award winner called the sentence “absurd” and “unjust” and said he would appeal to the Supreme Court, which he has ten days to do.

“After the trial, I thought I would be acquitted, but we know that the entire judicial system is a farce,” said Santiesteban Prats.

The former wife of the author and blogger for the site Los hijos que nadie quiso is ready to shoot a video “to show what they have used and pressured her with,” said the dissident writer.

Santiesteban Prats was one of the people arrested on November 8 when they went to a police station in Havana to inquire about other arrested opposition figures.

The award-winning Cuban intellectual has won the Juan Rulfo Prize for Radio France International, Alejo Carpentier Prize of the Cuban Book Institute and the National Prize of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC).

7 thoughts on “Cuban Writer Angel Santiesteban Gets 5-Year Prison Sentence

  • Sadly, British and other foreign trade unions have been hoodwinked into “solidarity” with the Cuban regime over the trumped up distraction of the Cuban Five. They ignore the brutal fact that the Cuban government allows no independent trade unions and has banned all strikes for 54 years. Critics of Europe’s favourite dictatorship don’t get any support from the European unions.

  • Where is the Cuba Solidarity Campaign or where are the British trade unions affiliated to it when called upon to show solidarity with real Cubans?

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