Cubans (19) Land on Mexican Shores

HAVANA TIMES —  Mexican immigration authorities announced on Tuesday in Cozumel that 19 Cubans arrived to the Yucatan peninsula after a 20 day sea voyage, reported NOTIMEX.

The group, comprised of 16 men and three women, had left Granma province in Eastern Cuba with hopes of reaching Honduras from where they would carry on to the United States. However technical problems led to the boat being carried by the currents to the Mexican coast.

The Cubans requested to be allowed to stay in Mexico and continue on to the United States. They were detained by the Mexican army and were handed over to the immigration authorities to decide what to do with them.

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  • I thought communism was great.

  • God bless them and may they find safe haven SOMEWHERE. If there were willing to make that trip, there must be a REASON…

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