Cubans Asked to Pledge Their Loyalty to the Ideas of Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro's concept of Revolution.
Fidel Castro’s concept of Revolution.

HAVANA TIMES  – As gatherings take place nationwide to pay homage to Fidel Castro, in all neighborhoods points have been established where the population can sign their adhesion to his ideas on Revolution, reported dpa news

In the year 2000, during the May 1st International Workers Day celebration, the then Cuban president, Fidel Castro, expressed his concept of Revolution.

Here is the text which has been ever present on billboards and posters since that date.


Is the sense of the historic moment;
is to change all which must be changed
is complete equality and liberty
is to be treated and to treat others as human beings
is to emancipate ourselves by ourselves and with our own efforts
is to challenge dominant powerful forces within the social and national scope and realm;
is to defend values in which we believe at the price of any sacrifice;
is modesty, unselfishness, altruism, solidarity and heroism;
is to fight with audacity, intelligence and realism;
is to never lie nor violate ethical principles;
is the profound conviction that exists no force in the world capable of confounding truth and ideas
is unity, is independence, is to fight for our dreams of justice for Cuba and for the world
which is the base of our patriotism, our socialism and our internationalism.

Consulted by Havana Times, there are many people who agree with the concept while some question why it has not been applied in all these years?

3 thoughts on “Cubans Asked to Pledge Their Loyalty to the Ideas of Fidel Castro

  • November 29, 2016 at 4:19 pm

    What happens if folks don’t sign???

  • November 29, 2016 at 12:56 am

    The text given above has not been reflected by the actions of the Castro brothers dictatorship.
    Fidel who loved nothing more than his own voice, also said on 16th March, 1959:

    “There can be no danger if we do what Cubans want, if we provide social practice and solve the substantial social problems of all Cubans of liberty, of respect for human rights, of freedom of the press and thought, of democracy, of liberty to select their own government.”

    Fidel Castro was correct in his analysis of what the Cuban people wanted, but what he did subsequently was in total contradiction. He removed liberty, he denied human rights, he closed the press, he encouraged Che Guevara’s Stalinist concept of the “new man” which was opposed to individual thought describing it as “criminal”, he removed any opportunity for democracy and never permitted the Cuban people to select their own government.

    The reality is that he was deliberately being deceitful, for it was only later that he declared that his regime was communist. In short he lied.

    Dictatorship whether by the left or right is evil, for it denies humanity and that is actually what the Castro family dictatorship has achieved.

  • November 29, 2016 at 12:27 am

    Does this include the dominant, domanating powerful forces at head of government? At some point, the People need their voices heard, and to make their own choices.

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