Cubans Take to the Streets in Several Cities

By El Toque

Protest Sunday July 11, 2021, in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. Screenshot of a live broadcast.

The simultaneous protests coincide with the fact that Cuba is going through its worst moment in terms of new infections and deaths from COVID-19

HAVANA TIMES – This Sunday, July 11, thousands of people took to the streets in different parts of the country. At the time this note was published, El Toque had confirmation of demonstrations in San Antonio de los Baños, Alquízar, Guanajay and Güira de Melena (Artemisa); Güines (Mayabeque); Palma Soriano (Santiago de Cuba), Luyanó and Centro Habana (Havana). There are also reports from Pinar del Río, Villa Clara, Camaguey, Holguín, Granma and Guantánamo.

“The streets belong to the people”, “Homeland and life”, “Freedom”, “We are not afraid” are some of the slogans that men and women of different ages shout, some on bicycles or motorcycles.

According to Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez, President Miguel Díaz-Canel traveled to San Antonio de los Baños “with the revolutionary people mobilized against the imperialist campaign and its salaried agents.”

Minutes later, a live speech by the president was announced. Díaz-Canel immediately denied the legitimacy of the protests and attributed the cause to outsiders. At the end of his speech, he affirmed “the order to battle is given: revolutionaries, take to the streets.”

President Diaz Canel called on “revolutionaries” who support his government to take to the streets and battle protestors.

The simultaneous protests, unprecedented in decades, coincide with the fact that Cuba is going through the worst moment in terms of new infections and deaths from COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. Such is aggravated by the accumulation of an economic crisis that for more than a year has been preventing regular access to food, medicine, hygiene products and other goods and services.

Several participants in the demonstrations broadcast live through their personal accounts on social networks, especially Facebook.

Read more from Cuba here on Havana Times.

9 thoughts on “Cubans Take to the Streets in Several Cities

  • Cuba necesita libertad no comida no levantamiento del embargo el cual no existe dejemonos de mentiras y estupideces nunca ha existido el embargo cuba recive 10 millones de toneladas de comida de medicamentos lujos partes todo de diferente paises , cuba lo que le pasa es que el gobierno militar tirano de la habana no paga punto NO PAGA,dejen de hablar del embargo ni de las sanciones ni de comida ni de lujos ni un carajo todo eso es insignificante antes la palabra LIBERTAD<y los derechos humanod ,derechos a elegir su gobierno de hablar comentar de protestar de vivir como seres humanod que somos , poder viajar trabajar poder prosperar como nacion , Ya me canse de escuchar retoricas estupidas de muchos cubanos del gobierno americano del mismo precidente y hasta de los americanos que no saben que pasa ni porque ni donde esta cuba o que sienten nuestros hermanos , cambiensen por un tiempo vayan a vivir como ciudadnos de a pie y vean a ver si resisten , hipocritas.!!! Pero todo llega el tiempo sera testigo cuando Nuestra Cuba sea libre democratica e independiente , que no le tengamos que agradecer a nadie nbi a los estados unidos nuestra libertad somos mambises no somos suramericanos que como muchos argentinos venezolanos y hasta espanoles rusos chinos se creen que cuba es el plaraiso de la prostitucion, hasta sus madres lo harian antes la necesidad tan atraz que vive mi pais , perros zorros , regresaran a sus paises en cajas de maderas, y les costara mucho mucho dinero y humillaciones poder muy pronto recuperar lo que el tirano les dio o invirtieron porque eso dejara de ser de ustedes eso es de Cuba , lo perdieron, por perros traidores , Basta ya es la hora de demostrar al Mundo que el cubano no tiene miedo que preferimos morir en las calles y lograr lo que deseamos que morir en manos de estos hijos de putas Basta ya unete participa escribe habla lucha por nuestra madre patria , y deja de decir amo a cuba y no haces nada , demuestralo , Ya se Acabo . nuestro dia viene llegando y es el momento , que los gringos intervengan si lo desean pero no lo pidamos Viva Cuba Libre

  • “According to Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez, President Miguel Díaz-Canel traveled to San Antonio de los Baños “with the revolutionary people mobilized against the imperialist campaign and its salaried agents.””

    This is exactly the caustic rhetoric that will scare off potential foreign investors to Cuba. Was it not the priority of the communist dictatorial leaders to try and encourage foreign investment to help kick start the anemic – understatement – economy? Was it not Diaz-Canel and his communist government, Raul Castro included, who want foreign investors to see Cuba as good place to do business?

    Well, Diaz-Canel’s public pronouncement, which reverberated loud and clear in Cuba, and worldwide, “ . . . the imperialist campaign and its salaried agents.” is discouraging and detrimental for foreign relations with potential business opportunities within the island because it is exactly these business people and corporate leaders that the Cuban communist cadres need to court to propel the economy.

    In the article by Circles Robinson: “Concrete Ways to Alleviate Shortages in Cuba, July 11, 2021) the author postulates perhaps some non U.S. food conglomerates such as “Carrefour, Almacenes Éxito S.A., Grupo Elektra S.A.B. de C.V. are three of them but there are dozens more possibilities.” would be interested in investing in the Cuban commercial space. I am sure they have considered the possibility. But, not at any political cost. These stores have their own customers to please. They do not want boycotts.

    Today, the business world is so interconnected I doubt any major corporations, such as the food conglomerates mentioned, want their hands tied by a few ideological communist cadres sitting in Havana dictating to them how their business entities are to be run on the island as per communist rules.

    How do the communist elites dictating irresponsible economic policies know who is and who is not “salaried agents” working in these food corporations. These merchandise businesses are profit driven. They hire, train, and promote the best qualified, the most talented human resources they can afford worldwide whether they be Americans, Chinese, French or any other nationality or country of origin.

    If their perceived talent brings potential profit to the organization, these professional managers become part of the organization despite their political leanings. Whether they are business trained in the U.S., France, Vietnam or elsewhere, will they be allowed on Cuban soil as potential food store “trainers” and not be potentially branded as “salaried agents” by the Cuban communist government? I do not know.

    Any foreign business wanting to establish a commercial enterprise in a foreign country does not want, or need, for the host country to be telling them who and from where conglomerate personnel come from and even more dangerous to be potentially accused of harboring foreign “salaried agents” among their talented human resources. Not a risk worth taking.

    The opening rhetoric quoted above does not even have any credulity within Cuba except obligatorily uttered by communist leader(s) for the very few, older, ossified, ever diminishing, revolutionary fanatics totally out of touch with the current miserable reality.

  • The Cuban communist dictatorship is a disgrace.
    Time for a change everyone needs it.

  • Dan it please me that you call me a Traitor to a horrendous dictatorship that betrayed its own ppl with lies and repression.

  • Olga – May be news to you, but the US HAS been intervening for the last 60 years. That is precisely the reason Cuba is where it is right now . You mean invade ? You meet the definition of traitor to a T.

  • USA should intervene in Cuba right now for humanitarian reason. Enough

  • Sadly, by the end of the week, if not sooner, the protests will be over and everything will be back to the pathetic normal.

  • Civil unrest is a part of every society. Something natural. Congrats to Cuban people for having the courage. Let us hope that the Cuban Government has enough courage to not punish those people but listen and start implementing meaningful changes.

  • If there was Ever a Time the revolutionaries will turn their Backs on the Regime & Begin to stand up for their Home Land & create a future with free Life choices for their Children, first Somethings must be Sacrificed to end this limp excuse of a Regimes Revolution Welfare Nation. It is Not that I mind Giving & Helping Cuba, its just I have seen some that never provide their Home Land of Hard working & Never have I seen them in the Lines for their food or other needs. I questioned this & the Reply was, They worked or their families for Government. All is Not Equal or fair after this Canadian stands in their food lines for their Childs needs& Because I Had to.

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