Cubans to See the PanStarrs Comet

HAVANA TIMES — Starting tonight, Cubans will be able to see the PanStarrs Comet shooting through the heavens. It will be traveling in the western sky and will be visible shortly after sunset.

According to statements by Dr. Oscar Alvarez Pomares to Prensa Latina, although the celestial body will be very close to the moon’s crescent on March 12 and 13, it will be more easily seen on March 17, particularly to residents in Havana.

“Early this evening, while still twilight, people will be able to view its tail on top and its core closer to the horizon. It may not look very bright but it will be light enough to be distinguished,” said Dr. Pomares.

PanStarrs was discovered in June 2011 by a telescope of the panoramic survey in Hawaii. This is its first visit to the solar system, so it has never suffered the intense heat or the sun’s gravitational force, which are matters of interest to specialists