Cubans Will Pay More Taxes in 2014

HAVANA TIMES – The Cuban government will implement new taxes in 2014, the Minister of Finance and Prices, Lina Pedraza Rodriguez, told the Council of Ministers on Tuesday.

The minister said other sources of increased revenues will come from increased taxes on services, personal income, and contributions for Social Security.

Pedraza also announced that as of next year State owned companies will be able to use  up to 50% of their profits after taxes, for development, investment and direct stimulation to their workers.

2 thoughts on “Cubans Will Pay More Taxes in 2014

  • If a communist govt needs to impose taxes in their economy this just illustrates how their economy is just as flawed as the so called free world economy. We should all be taking a harder look at just where all the money from the public sector and governments are going!

  • Taxes are the traditional means by which monopoly-capitalist government shifts the costs of government services and bank interest payments onto the backs of the working people. They are a form of extortion. The fact that the Cuban gov’t is opting for this sort of revenue in not good.

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