Cuba’s Attorney General Steps Down

By Circles Robinson

Juan Escalona Reguera

HAVANA TIMES, March 24 — Cuba’s Attorney General, Juan Escalona Reguera is leaving his post for health reasons, reported the Cuban press on Wednesday.

While recognizing his contribution heading the institution, the Council of State said Escalona would be replaced by Brigade General Dario Delgado Cura, the current deputy Attorney General.

The proposal to replace Escalona came from President Raul Castro and was also consulted with the Communist Party Central Committee Politburo, noted Juventud Rebelde newspaper.

Escalona, 78, was the chief prosecutor in the 1989 trial of war hero Gen. Arnaldo Ochoa, who received the death sentence and was executed by firing squad after being convicted of drug smuggling and treason.

Earlier in the month Rogelio Acevedo, a revolutionary veteran, like Escalona, was removed as the head of the Civil Aeronautics Institute which oversees airlines and airport facilities.