Cuba’s Beaches Open Amid Rumors

HAVANA TIMES, May 26 — The National Aquarium of Cuba denied rumors circulating that sharks were arriving on the coasts of the island as a result of the BP oil spill affecting the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  In a press release the Aquarium also said there is no need to close beaches because of the presence of lionfish which has caused concern among the population, reported IPS.

The authorities recommend bathing at sandy beaches since the lionfish prefer rocky coastal areas, where precaution should be taken.

5 thoughts on “Cuba’s Beaches Open Amid Rumors

  • I plan on going back to Cuba in a couple weeks, so I’ve been trying to learn what the REAL effect is down there. My only concern is the oil really, that’s why we go to Cuba, the beaches.. it would be such a shame for them to be closed. If there were the presence of sharks, or lionfish however, I don’t believe that’s news Cubans would be happy to admit, as the tourists are their bread and butter and officials wouldn’t want to discourage people from coming… so they’ll say no. I say, so what? There are sharks in Hawaii, that doesn’t stop us from surfing, does it? Since I’m in their territory, I’ll take the chance. The whole mess is a shame, the oil… I hope a single drop never reaches Cuba.

  • Buhn-buhn-buhn-buhn-buhn-buhn-buhn-buhn…

    You don’t see “Jaws” on the surface… until it is far, far too late..!!

  • Where i heard this rumor from was a woman i know in Cuba, she has a son who is a fisherman in Tampa, and this is what he had told his mother, that the big sharks were coming in because of this mess in the gulf. At first BP has said they have stopped the oil and now they say it is still gushing, we must all pray that Cuba will be spared from this mess.

  • I am here now and people are swimming We live im Matanzas….This is imperial nonsense..The chances of being attacked here as as likely as think Fidel stepping down? BS i am here and i see nada..nothing nunca ..Adiaos Mio Ave maria…Now of course we have t oremember where the lies come from..Get real Fox news.. it ain’t happening not here anyways

  • I heard this rumor while i was in Cuba a week ago. The chances of getting attacked by a shark while swimming at one of Cuba’s beaches are about as likely as a Habana Jintera paying for a tourista…

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