Cuba’s Capital Amid Water Crisis

HAVANA TIMES, April 12 — The Cuban capital is amid its worse water crisis in a half century, stated the official Granma newspaper on Tuesday.  Over a million Havana residents are receiving rationed water service, and the shortage has 106,000 persons only receiving water by taker trucks.

The situation could become considerably worse if the rainy season doesn’t arrive in May-June as is the norm, stated Water Resources official Jorge Kalaf.

Another key factor mentioned in the article as a cause of the distribution crisis is the deteriorated state of the city’s pipelines in a good part of Havana.

Kalaf said the Havana municipalities with the most serious water shortages are Arroyo Naranjo, Habana Vieja, Centro Habana, San Miguel del Padron, La Habana del Este, Boyeros and La Lisa.